The Cats Pajamas Clearly Swanky 11 Stamps Lemonade Rabbit Humor Funny Sassy Life

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The Cat's Pajamas Clearly Swanky Stamps
Zlatina Gocheva
11 small stamps
1. When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade
2. And Try to Meet Somebody Whose Life Has Given Vodka and, Have a Party
3. Enjoy Life
4. Then Life will be like WHAT?
5. I'm not here to encourage you.
6. I am here to offer unsolicited advice & criticism
7. Lemonade Stand with Rabbit
8. Stack of Cups
9. Pitcher with ice
10. Cup with Straw
11. Cup with Straws

Gently ease your swanky stamps from the storage sheet. Apply to a clear stamp block (not included). Ink and stamp to your heart's content.