Lot 4 Rubber Stamps New Baby Feet Special Delivery Little Suzys Zoo Ducks in Row

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Lot of 4 Rubber Stamps: New Baby Theme

Condition: previously used

Stamp 1: Little Suzy’s Zoo: Ducks in a Row (A2264C) by Rubber Stampede 2002

Stamp 2: Special Delivery by Rubber Stampede (2726C)

Stamp 3: Baby Items (Rubber Duckie, Rattle, Baby Shoes, Block and Diaper Pins)by All Night Media (387G)

Stamp 4: Baby Feet by Hero Arts 1996 (B1022)

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 photo DSCN2382_zpsh6v8iniw.jpg photo DSCN2383_zpsh4owhokr.jpg photo DSCN2384_zpsaqnowt5z.jpg photo DSCN2385_zps5eq7vn1e.jpg photo DSCN2386_zpszlo2fxdp.jpg photo DSCN2387_zpsmxwcq0g4.jpg photo DSCN2388_zpsb9pbj66w.jpg photo DSCN2389_zpspwpewlv9.jpg photo DSCN2390_zps1419tg1i.jpg photo DSCN2391_zpsiaa7wlqs.jpg photo DSCN2392_zpsgnjnsjnz.jpg photo DSCN2393_zpsbcz6lrnl.jpg photo DSCN2394_zpsca8igvbp.jpg photo DSCN2395_zpsff5xqzg2.jpg photo DSCN2396_zps8vqpaxhm.jpg photo DSCN2397_zpsfhbphsat.jpg photo DSCN2398_zpsszqplt6h.jpg photo DSCN2399_zpsnrfzd95i.jpg