For the Love of Cross Stitch magazine May 1991 22 projects Bunny Rabbits

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Title: For the Love of Cross Stitch - A Leisure Arts Publication

Magazine: May 1991

# of pages: 29

 photo DSCN6709_zpshpmzwu35.jpg  photo DSCN6710_zpsgyoacwzp.jpg  photo DSCN6711_zpsezplueff.jpg  photo DSCN6712_zpsabjaysyt.jpg  photo DSCN6713_zpsljf65jgf.jpg  photo DSCN6714_zpsyyzfhfph.jpg  photo DSCN6715_zpsbtw813qq.jpg  photo DSCN6716_zpsbzz3yuzs.jpg  photo DSCN6717_zpsow5fufoa.jpg